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Transition to a gluten free vegan lifestyle

by YGFH Staff

Hello, my name is Arwig and I will be your guide into the lifestyle start-up known as a plant-based diet. This short article is designed to provide you with information about three information-based questions that will help you make the transition to this lifestyle decision.

What differentiates a vegan lifestyle from a vegetarian diet?

A vegan diet restricts all foods derived or derived from animals such as dairy, eggs, meat and animal-based products like honey.

I am considering transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. Will I have to give up other foods that I’m not allowed to eat?

It is not necessary to give up any particular foods, but you need to be aware of hidden animal and animal- by-product based ingredients
in food.

I love nutritional yeast (found in some vegan recipes) but I heard it makes a person unhealthy. Are there any side effects or can you share what it is?

Although this is not always true, if you do not get enough protein or if you take multiple vitamin and mineral dense supplements, it will be important to include a plant food-produce item with yeast for too much yeast/fungi in your diet.

-after dinner snack: sliced coconut, with nutritional yeast
-to go easy on ourselves: if we spend our time wisely, we will find that it it is not a serious obstacle to eat when it seems like we are hungry
-even though some vegetables need protection from the cold outdoors, others are plump; are also good, either for eating or for cooking

Since the differentiating difference between vegan and vegetarian is the restriction of all animal-derived or animal-derived foods, a vegan lifestyle also restricts eating dairy, eggs and meat by-products such as honey. However, with the right knowledge of what ingredients put meat by-products into food, there should not be any need to avoid any food groups. An excessive amount of nutritional yeast may lead to a need for supplements to fit in those meat proteins, so it is important to eat a plant-based food with the yeast. Many vegetables need to be treated differently for the cold, but with some knowledge, both can be eaten or cooked with care.

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