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The Benefits of a Vegan Diet: Weight Loss

by YGFH Staff

Much has been said the last few years about the vegan diet and its many benefits. And foremost amongst these is the promise that it helps manage weight. Whether you are trying to live as cleanly as possible, want to be a healthier vegan, explore different vegan lifestyles, or cope with the evidence of your doctor, there are many weight-loss benefits that can help you and your family when adopting a vegan diet.

The word vegan can be confusing to many, but it simply means you do not consume any animal products in your diet whatsoever. You will largely rely on plant foods for your sustenance, with an inability to consume eggs or dairy products among the foremost limitations. This simply means a vegan diet will heavily restrict the most weight-loss unfriendly culprits: cheese, cookies and most other desserts, meat, butter, heavy-cream products. Regardless of this limitation, there are vegan alternatives or diet modifications that will fulfill the needs you may otherwise have and act as substitutes. If you are on a vegan diet, you not only limit animal products, but seek to eliminate animal exploitation, therefore grains or other animal parts that were once the bodies of living beings.

This lifestyle may be in sharp contrast to the diets of an average American, but the restrictions eliminate many of the weight-loss barriers that a traditional diet would put in-place. Among the benefits that veganism offers which are specific to weight loss are the distribution of nutrients in a more balanced fashion, the encouragement to eat less because unhealthy foods are not an option, and the elimination of most of the weight-loss unfriendly food groups that may be hindering previous diets. As nutritionists around the country are finally beginning to recognize, the typical American diet that is typically heavy in meat and dairy is one of the leading contributors to weight-degeneration. These two particular food groups promote inflammation, excessive cholesterol, and disease, which are all thought to be factors in the weight gain of an individual.

A vegan lifestyle will remove these weight modifiable food groups out of consideration, and in-place you will find other healthier options such as pasta or potatoes, legumes, salads, and vegetables. It is therefore clear that for many reasons, and weight loss is only one, vegan diets are a healthier way of living.

Details on what it means to be vegan, change of food intake, benefits to health, what you can (and can’t) eat.

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