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9 vegan substitutes for your favorite foods

by YGFH Staff

Vegan substitutes to go for your favorite foods.
One food that is quickly disappearing from the grocery store shelves, fast food dinner spots, and restaurants is the wonderful frying pan meal. Frying meat and cooking doughnuts is often a staple to the American diet. Sadly, all of these deep fried delicacies are simply asking for a customer to order a vegan meal. Vegans are asking for vegan substitutes all over and in order to satiate the country’s vegan population, below is a list of 10 vegan substitutes that could replace your favorite food.

  1. Replace a pancake breakfast with All-Nut Flour Pancakes

The pancake breakfast is not a breakfast without syrup, maple or honey dressing, or strawberries. Luckily, this favorite breakfast meal can be recreated with ingredients such as All-Nut Flour, almond milk, flax, and vegan butter. Put a bit more creativity in the dish by adding things such as nuts, berries, or vanilla extract.

  1. Replace chicken with Island Baked Tofu

Surprise your friends with a mouthwatering entree that can rival the best chicken. Make Island Baked Tofu by cubing the firm tofu, baking for about 20 minutes, and then coating with tahini dressing and cooking for another 12 minutes. Steal the show and replace fried chicken with this vegan substitute dish.

  1. Replace marshmallow-encrusted brownies with Chocolate Walnut Slice

Trust me, when telling your children that Mom’s home-made brownies are vegan, they’re going to be curious of what their new flavor will be. Make these one of the family dessert surprises by adding these to the world famous brownie recipes by replacing the marshmallows with vegan friendly chocolate chips.

  1. Replace a milkshake to sip on with a chai ginger milkshake

Who ever said that vegan food can’t be delicious and fulfilling can think again. Make all milkshake drinks vegan-friendly by using things such as soy milk, or almond milk for a milk alternative. Top off the meal with vegan ornaments like figs, strawberries, almonds, or delicious toppings such as dark chocolate chips, toffee bits, or nut butters.

  1. Replace noodles with fresh zucchini spaghetti

The salty, starchy noodle needs not apply. Give your family and friends a healthy appetizer dish by making fresh zucchini pasta. Start out by peeling and grating the zucchini on a box grater. You can serve these in a cold salad salad, or add tomato sauce and vegan cheese.

  1. Replace your chicken fingers with golden oven-fried tofu bites

I am not a vegan, but do I miss my chicken fingers to some extend. Get your fix by making these golden oven-fried tofu bites. Start out by picking a tofu block and putting it in uncolored soy sauce. Fry them to a perfect crisp by using vegan butter.

  1. Replace a lifetime of favorite desserts with salad

If you have a serious aversion to the idea of living without desserts, at least allow yourself to indulge in the vegan substitutes. Vegetables contain natural sugar and are a lot healthier. Download some vegan friendly recipes or create your own concoction; it is not about being healthy, but about the delicious memories that you can create.

  1. Replace cream cheese frosting with vegan cream cheese frosting

I understand the temptation to never switch desserts again, but this mean that you’re missing out on what cream cheese frosting tastes like without the cream cheese. Substitute the cream cheese frosting for fruit preserves, mashed bananas, seeds, vegan butter, fresh spices, and vegan vanilla extract.

  1. Replace your coffee with cold brew

Coffee needs cream, sugar, and a dairy substitute. The best part of this recipe is that you can still enjoy coffee with cream without the cream and sugar. The dairy substitute will most likely come in a powdered form; in order to make it, add vegan milk and vegan sugar to the powder and stir thoroughly.

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